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Informal term for a private investigator or private detective. See: detective

These days it's pretty much only used for innuendo and humor =D
Who's the black private dick,
That's a sex machine to all them chicks?
Ya damn right!
by Dork Wonderer June 15, 2010

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Generally speaking, any group of people with a common intentity, traits or interests. A person may feel at home in many tribes, and large/general tribes often contain sub-tribes who feel apart from each other.
*Political parties, sports teams, clubs, gangs, etc... are examples of tribes.

*Goths, Trekkies, Hackers, etc... are examples of global tribes.

*Gamers, wikipedians, christians, martial artists, etc... are examples of general tribes containing very different sub-tribes.

*Different levels of family are tribes, and nations as well.
by Dork Wonderer July 11, 2009

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