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A word typically found in nothern British slang, around the areas of the north-west of England, namely Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

The word scrubber refers to those of the lower working class, characterized by wearing shell suits (full tracksuits for those who don't know), living on council estates and benefits. Scrubbers are notoriously tight with what money they do have, have no regard for personal hygiene and tend to be loud, rude and arrogant. They are very similar in this respect to chavs, only less clean and with a tendency to have a much higher opinion of themselves. When questioned or confronted about this, they can be defensive and violent. Alcohol and drugs are almost certain to be in the vicinity of a scrubber, the money that regular people would spend on hygiene, food and other normalcies is almost always spent on alcohol and drugs, usually in huge quantities, even in front of their usually many children, which sadly results in those kids growing up knowing nothing better.
(Scrubber approaches random person)

Scrubber: Lend me some money mate, I need to clean ma howse and stuff
Random Bloke: No, go away
Scrubber: Oh go on mayte, I need it to clean ma howse and shit
Random Bloke: No? How come you don't have enough to clean your house anyway?
Scrubbers: I spent it boowze and stuff
Random Bloke: Piss off you scrubber
by Don Lad April 16, 2013
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