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Sweet dudes are guys who are over the top and don't realize it. Often they belong to frats. You can pick them out because they will be wearing polo shirts, often with popped collars, board shorts, flip-flops, and white baseball caps. They tend to demean women and can become paralized with fear when someone says something they did was "gay". Desperate for attention, they will often perform random acts of athleticism for no obvious reason. Basically, they are the guys from 'Dude, Where's My Car'.
It has become trendy within the sweet dude community to adopt a "punkish" style which can include anything from a Clash t-shirt to a short Mohawk, possibly dyed blue.

Other activities you might see a sweet dude engaged in:
Drinking Bud, Coors, or Miller lt.
Smoking pot
Listening to Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson
Tossing a football
Wearing gold chains
Getting tribal tattoos
Yelling, "Show us your tits!"
Ashton Kutcher is a sweet dude. Most of the guys who played football in highschool are sweet dudes. Almost every guy in Mexico on Spring Break is a sweet dude.
by Don't Panic Direct June 27, 2009

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Generally speaking, a preppy guy or girl who accessorizes with a punk style. This can include piercings such as lip or ear lobe plugs, mohawk hairstyles, band t-shirts, spiked belts, etc... They do this in an effort to look badass and different among their group of friends while still conforming enough to be a part of the "popular" crowd.

Often they will listen to pop-punk bands such as Blink-182, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.

In the end they have little, if any, real credibility with any one who actually knows anything about the history of punk rock, punk ideals, or even punk fashion.
"Check out the asshole with a mohawk wearing board shorts."
by Don't Panic Direct June 30, 2009

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