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A school in southern VA that draws you in with a beautiful campus and outstanding academics...what they don't tell you is that 60% of the entire school population is lesbian/bisexual. I'm sorry but when girls just walk up to you and ask you if you're gay or not, just looking for a good piece of ass, that's messed up. And don't even get me started on: the NEFA stoners and drunks, the HSC screwing pearl girls, the dirty hippies (not to mention all the posers walking around), pretentious artists, stuck up writers, pseudo intellectuals, flaky, spastic, emotinally inept dancers, the nondenominational church goers (that worship in a church with a huge cross in it), the BSA who screams for diversity but then segregates themselves from the rest of the student body, the sports teams (aka. field hockey and lacross) are the only time you see a large group of girls all in skirts, the hardcore, balls out riders (horses that is), and everyone else who I left out.
Arrogant Writers: By the way, you stick with people "who" make you smile. I would use "whom" to ask with whom do you spend your time? "Who" is what or which person or persons; "whom" is the objective case of who, meaning it's a noun toward which the action of a verb is directed. Although frankly, I often go by which one sounds right.
by Disgruntled Student December 12, 2004

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