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a crazy desies that samantha passes on when she savagly attacked a person befor she died she used to be a kid who got staight As and used to kick Every ones ass in cs. AND WHEN SHE GETS TICKED OFF SHE WILL KICK YOUR ASS LIKE CRAZY AND. and shes really good at stealing


out of control fighting
out of controlle stealing
out of control bitting
racial fighting
desire of watchin people bleed

1:man that sam wooped my ass

2:boy:or ay do u now that sam

Girl:yeah she kick my ass at school

Boy: yeah she kick my ass in cs it was hella sad

4:man that bryen kid pulled a sam on me it was crazy

man the crazy person gave me the sam desiese by bitting me uncontrolably

docter: sorry your child got the daieses

mom: wut is it
Doctoer: she got sam alosis

man that cracker got his ass kicked bay a crazy black man who gots the sam
by Dirty chavez of california June 22, 2004

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