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The kinky act of when a man inserts his penis in his own ass. The penis is typically flaccid as that is when it is at its most flexible, and is bent inwards or downwards to meet the asshole.
Autopenetration is synonymous with the action to self-fuck. Although getting the penis inside the asshole is not that hard at all if the penis is at a decent size and proper lube is used, it is difficult and uncommon to be able to do this to orgasm, as the penis generally stiffens while getting erect and loses the ability to bend down and inwards.
by DinoCoat March 13, 2019
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A ripoff of Chuck Norris memes that became very overused and annoying.
"If you genuinely thought Big Chungus was funny, you're going to hell." - Thanos Car
by DinoCoat March 13, 2019
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A show on Netflix about teenager puberty and shows child pornography.
How many times do the darn kids go nude in Big Mouth?!
by DinoCoat October 11, 2018
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To slip your finger inside one's anal rectum orifice for either pleasure or to check the temperature. It's recommended to not to wear any jeans or tight pants during the process.

Mommy, may I Billy Bob the little kitty in the bummy bum bum?
Mommy, may I Billy Bob the little kitty in the bummy bum bum?
by DinoCoat July 13, 2018
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Like, a REALLY big poo.
Fiona had a nice orgasm when Jonas dumped a Michigan on her chest and started titty fucking her.
by DinoCoat March 19, 2017
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Microraptors were avian dinosaurs measuring about a meter long and lived about 120 mya. Microraptors typically ate lizards and bugs, but they are also known to hunt down huge sauropods with success, and there has been a case when a Microraptor attacked Chuck Norris, who only escaped with his bare life.
A Microraptor is a scary dinosaur!
by DinoCoat March 26, 2017
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