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A gay who lets 15+ guys cum in their ass monthly.
"God, Tyler's such a manthot!"
by DinoCoat December 19, 2018
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Like, a REALLY big poo.
Fiona had a nice orgasm when Jonas dumped a Michigan on her chest and started titty fucking her.
by DinoCoat March 19, 2017
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Microraptors were avian dinosaurs measuring about a meter long and lived about 120 mya. Microraptors typically ate lizards and bugs, but they are also known to hunt down huge sauropods with success, and there has been a case when a Microraptor attacked Chuck Norris, who only escaped with his bare life.
A Microraptor is a scary dinosaur!
by DinoCoat March 26, 2017
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1. A primitive mammal classified as a rodent, does not actually like cheese.
2. A small device used to control the computer, place tape under the scanner for April Fools to mess with it.
1. A mouse eating cheese is a myth.
2. A computer mouse moves the arrow by being moved with your hand.
by DinoCoat April 01, 2017
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