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BDSM is an overlapping abbreviation of Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. BDSM often refers to sex, with a dominant and a submissive person.
...When her Master put the ballgag back in her mouth and told her that he would introduce the other guys to her, Mary started to get worried. Where they gonna bang her again? She barely had time to think when all the men came in. Master told Mary their names, but Mary was still tied and she might recirve the vibrator if she resisted. Hayden was the tan guy. Jacob was the guy with the skinny dick. And the pale guy, who also had a handsome, shaven beard, was Chris. Oh, and the cameraman was Tom. Tom set up the camera up, and Mary, still the receiver, is still tied up. Master goes and gets a cup of water, which he makes the constrained Mary drink, and then he went aside. Now everyone ties Mary is a pose like a starfish's, and Chris leaps on top of her. Mary screeches in pain when Chris' dick tears open her asshole, and he seems to continuelessly bang her. "It's the vibrator again if you don't stop whimpering." She stops screaming but she occasionally gasps when Chris goes extra deep in the hole- Mary is now trapped in a BDSM Submission Video...
by DinoCoat March 10, 2017

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Term used to describe a homosexual male who receives it (bottom) but is dominant instead of the top.
Tom rode on my cock cowgirl style! What a power bottom!
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by DinoCoat December 26, 2018

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A small white doggo who borked until 1/19/17... Now he can be found on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
How ironic Gabe the Dog died the same day that Trump became president! Sleep tight pupper!
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by DinoCoat March 05, 2017

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An anal/oral sex slave for the inmates in prison. Usually happens due to the loneliness in prison and the horny men in prison.
After being arrested for rape, Kelvin became a prison Bitch for Mike and Tyler! Kelvin was a skinny guy, so he had no chance against the bulky cocks greeting his asshole, and he is forced to receive dick. His ass is now torn up and his spincter turned into a red generous rosebud!
by DinoCoat March 29, 2017

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The prostate gland is in the male asshole. It is like a walnut in form and texture. The prostate creates the seminal fluid that is able to carry the sperm within. Playing with the prostate may feel good, and orgasm from the stimulation alone is possible.
You do not have to be gay to enjoy anal and prostate stimulation. Just as many straight men enjoy it too.
by DinoCoat February 02, 2019

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Venn Diagram Boy. Sixteen popular Aussie, and has loads of followers on Quora and Instagram.
Ethan James is the ultimate god. Venn Diagrams are his source of power.
by DinoCoat April 11, 2019

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When a man receives head from a person, male or female, and shoves his dick down their throat, locking his legs behind the recipient's head to keep it in that condition, and subsequently cuts off the airflow. The gag reflex activates, and the recipient of the Harlem Struggle chokes on it.
The Harlem Struggle makes it more pleasurable to the man as this choking can induce sensations and make the throat tighter.
by DinoCoat February 25, 2019

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