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Homie gee's that have their pants slung so ridiculously low that they have to walk like a penguin with a back and forth swaying motion.
Chris: (Pointing and laughing)
Homie gee: Yo, what you laughin' at bitch.
Chris: You.
Homie: What da hell fo'?
Chris: Since when do penguins talk?
Homie: What da hell ya talkin' 'bout?
Chris: I see intelligence is lost on you too.
Homie: What mf?
Chris: Witty comeback penguin......
Homie: What?
Chris: (Points and laughs even more)
Homie: (Waddles away in distress knowing he has just been put down, but still cannot figure out why)
by diablerist January 26, 2008
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Combination of the words pedestrian and rat.
The people, usually young adults between the ages of 12 and 25, that constantly hang out in areas of town that people frequent such as pedestrian malls, streets with a lot of business’ and city thrown festivals. They perpetually beg for spare change for cigarettes, coffee and booz (also called spanging).
This place was cool till all the little fucking pedrats started comming here all the time.
by Diablerist November 28, 2006
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The younger generation of the so called "Goth". Originated in the late 90's with the sudden popularity of psudo-goth bands Maralyn Manson, Orgy and the like that dressed vaguely similar to the post-punk goth, lots of black, but with less style. Mostly what the ware are black jeans and t-shirts and dye their hair black. They tend to have less insight into themselves and those around them. Basically kids that want to play dress-up to look dark, brooding and mature.
Ya, raven could pass for goth, but he is much more of a gothamite.
by Diablerist November 28, 2006
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A real Wanker. Someone that is both unintelligent and lacks proper social niceties.
That guy is not just a douch, he is a total ass hat.
by Diablerist November 28, 2006
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