12 definitions by Dethbool

Unknown: Who is Dylan Freeman.
Dylan's Friend: I have no idea?
by Dethbool January 14, 2021
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A small town boy with dreams far away, a person to have a long conversation with but then not talk to for two days because he can get exhausting to be around.
Dylan's Friend: Hey I just had a long and exhausting conversation with Dylan.

Classmate: Dylan Freeman?

Dylan's Friend: Ya that's the one.
by Dethbool December 10, 2021
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Definition #1. The term you say before accepting someone as who they are and loving them forever.

Definition #2. A phrase you call someone right before ejecting sperm into their vagine through sexual intercourse.
You: Oh baby! Your my little pogchamp!
Her: Kyyaaaaa!!!
by Dethbool February 3, 2021
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Often a roast said to call someone else a virgin or describe them as "Extra Virgin".
You: I didn't know they named olive oil after you?
*Shows the Extra Virgin Olive Oil*
Friend: Bruh
by Dethbool February 9, 2021
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You're such an Iroh.
by Dethbool September 15, 2020
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Might technically be a Libra but is actually a Virgo.
Unknown: Hey heard Dylan Freeman was a Libra?
Dylan's Friend: No he is a Virgo even if he was born October 7th 2007.
by Dethbool January 14, 2021
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