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The Minute Men are a bunch of douchebags who sit around the U.S.-Mexican border shooting Mexicans who are supposedly stealing their jobs.

Instead of being angry at their greedy, profit hungry bosses who fired them, they just blame Mexicans for their troubles, even though Mexicans didn't steal their job or have any malicious intent. Their bosses are the ones they should really be pissed off at, not Mexicans who, like Americans just want to make a decent living for themselves and their families.
Minute men are a bunch of ignorant fucks.
by Derek Zoolander August 23, 2006

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A political ideology which believes critics of Israel to be anti-semitic, but dosen't think Christian Zionists who think Jeeeeeeeeeezus will come back and wipe out 2/3 of the Jews are anti-semitic.

Involves a lot of doublethink.
Pat Robertson is a supporter of Zionism.
by Derek Zoolander August 16, 2006

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