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Awesome organization who stands up for all Americans right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed to them by the 2nd amendment.A right that is constantly under attack by extremists.These extremists say that anybody who lawfully owns a gun is a hick.This is the biggest falsehood and shows bigotry towards rural folks which is just wrong.
Besides rural folks who legally and lawfully own a gun might use it to hunt and put food on their table whereas a gang banger from the city will obtain a gun illegally and kill another human being in a drive-by shooting which is just horribly wrong and is the result of the liberal media and motion picture industry glorifying gang violence in the first place and making it a national phenomena.Yes it is liberals who have made murder a fashionable fad by glorifying crime and violence in movies and music videos and making it look sexy to be a criminal thug who gets all the action with all the females.This has also caused an increase in misogenyst attitudes towards women and increased the exploitation of women and violence towards women.People you don't have to be thuggin out on eachother or mistreatin the ladies.This bad behaviour has been taught to you by the racist media and it has seeped into our culture and it is killing many people and it is entirely unnecessarilly.Those who would berate and call Americans names for exercising their constitutional rights are NOT Americans.
The 2nd amendment is for everybody and the NRA will fight to make sure that YOU are guaranteed this most important of rights.A right that is GUARANTEED to YOU by the constitution.
by Democrat for Bush September 04, 2004
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