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A man who always gets what he wants. A kind of mystical demi-god figure, often surrounded by beautiful women and devoted fans. A legendary figure amongst Common Folk and fellow badasses alike. Usually devastatingly handsome and regularly able to perform feats of greatness with unwavering aplomb.

'Fantastic Joes' are usually seen pwning any number of undesirables, including waste cadets, nub biscuits, Chuckleheads, N00btrons and Chodey McChodersons.

Word often ironically used in a 'gaming' context.

Can also be used in verb form.

See also: God, Joe Kickass, Chuck Norris, Leonidas, Badass, pwntastic, Sex God, Gigant0r, Korean High Five, Epic, Uncle Philed, Robocop, Roflcopter, Filth Wizard, lol

Example #1 (Noun form)

Cuthbert: "Crikey! Who's that fellow Reginald!? I daresay he seems to be pwning!"

Reginald: "I've not the foggiest! But he sure is a Fantastic Joe..."

Example #2 (Noun form)

Old Lady: "Oi! Someone stop that toerag! He's nicked my 'andbag!"

*Thief begins to run and is suddenly accosted*

<unknown man>: "Citizen, stop. Your have 5 seconds to comply...

Stunned Onlooker: "Wtf? Who's this Fantastic Joe?"

Example #3 (Verb form)

Insane armed man #1: "Punk! Step back! These are my Doritos!"

Insane armed man: "Mother chode! I'ma Fantastic Joe yo' ass!" *opens fire*

Example #4 (Verb form)

*Day of Defeat is being played. Suddenly a heavy jumps out of a bush like a maniac with a BAR and headshots a proner in the face*

Bush dwelling maniac: "You just got Fantastic Joed"
by Demented Mongoose March 26, 2010

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