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Exemplary specimen of a soon-to-be man that most males cannot compete with, and so blaspheme (usually in reference to his "underdeveloped genitalia"), to which I would say, "Why do you know how big his genitalia are? Are you admitting you're a closet gay?" He is also talented, a good singer, and capable of playing many instruments. He is also successful, fortunate, attractive for a pubescent, and seems capable of laughing at himself.

GO TAKE YOUR INFERIORITY ISSUES ELSEWHERE, dumbasses. Don't know why you need to hate on the Biebs to make yourself feel better.
Man, I know. Those guys totally hate on that new kid. They're obviously just jealous because he's such a Justin Bieber- so adorable.
by Defender of the Undefended April 07, 2010

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