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Shao is derived from the southern slang "Fo-Sho". It has evolved from a mixture of saying, wow, sure, fo-sho, yao-yao and many others. As everything else in life, words evolve. Shao. It has a universal meaning and can be used in EVERY sentence. Generally refered to as anything awesome, can also be used as acknowledgement, anger, descriptions, anything... you will find this word used extensively within the North Highland Massive.
"Ey man, im finta get shao tonight"
"Man, let's get shao town..."
"That shit's tha shao right there"
"Bitch, we headed to shao town tonight"
"Hey man, what's up?" - "Shit, just shaoin out"
"Hey man, wanna get some drinks tonight?" - "Shao Shao!"
It really is endless... which is why it's the greatest word yet.
by Decatur Wig Splitta November 26, 2006

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