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the same thing as a "fucktard" but you are using a nice form of the word. Is other words you are being curious of the people that are reading. Generally speaking a flucktard is someone that is very stupid or "retarded", someone that did something with out thinking it over.
flucktard: A man tries to pokes a hole in a sheet of glass with out breaking the glass. Someone running into the wall, on purpose. Cutting yourself without expecting to bleed. Jcumping off of your house roof.
t] dumbass asshole fuck tard moron stupid loser asshat douchebag retarded dipshit gay dick douche cunt bitch fucker jackass bastard dickhead ass wanker fag fucking dumb jerk fuckwit dumbfuck asswipe twat douche bag noob faggot pussy fool n00b prick assclown shit ignorant shithead fucking retard fuckhead cock slut fuckface annoying
by David Moreen December 24, 2008
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