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n. 1. A male, who exhibits characteristics of either a bitch, a snatch, or both. 2. Also, a term of rough affection for one's male friends.
Friend: "Dude, did you finish my beer?"
Guest: "Ya!"
Friend: "All of it? Fucktard! That was for tonight!"
Guest: "Sue and I got thirsty in the hot tub earlier!"
Friend: "What?!?!? Did you fuck?"
Guest: (grins) "It was sick!"
Friend: "Dude... in my hot tub? Today?!?"
Guest: (shit-eating grin)
Friend: "Akkk!! I just got out of the hot tub. I'm feelin' sick!"
Guest: (really big shit-eating grin)
Friend: "Wait, fuck... dude!!! Didn't you say Sue was on the rag?"
Guest: "Ummm, ya!"
Friend: "Manatch! I can't believe you! I just soaked in all that?!?! I'm going to shower!"

"Hey boy-o! What's new?"
"Manatch! It's all good-crazy here! How 'bout you?"
by David MT November 17, 2007

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