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A musical trumpet-like instrument based on the so-called natural trumpet which contains no valves that was invented by Ellis Workman on July 4, 1976 in Rochester, MN. Constructed out of plastic tubing, a funnel using a trumpet or french horn mouthpiece. The Hosaphone(tm) plays the notes of the natural overtone series.
The Hosaphone(tm) is the only musical instrument which can performed the Doppler Effect without sustaining a neck injury to the performer.
The Hosaphone(tm) is in every way the functional equivalent of the so-called Natural Trumpet.
The sound of the Hosaphone(tm) cannot be improved, but your sound can be improved with practice.
Hosaphone(tm) music is based only on the "natural" harmonic series.
by David A. Roth October 06, 2007

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The proper reference to one who plays the Hosaphone(tm) is a hoser. If you don't perform on the beloved, revered and mostly plastic Hosaphone(tm) yourself, it is considered poor form to use this intimate address. Brother and sister Hosaphoners affectionately refer to one another as hosers.
Hey, hoser, how are you doing?
That's some mighty fine playing you did on, "Codetta in C" for Hosaphone(tm), Piano & Bass, there hoser!
If we could find a hoser for our brass quintet, we could accompany a Hosaphone(tm) Soloist.
To execute the Doppler effect, the Hosaphone(tm) must be untaped and the bell end swung in a circle over the hoser's head while playing a sustained note.
A couple of hosers wrote this wonderful FAQ on the Hosaphone(tm).
by David A. Roth October 05, 2007

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