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refers to the production or fabrication of sub-standard products by one who misguidedly feels their creations worthy of high praise; oblivious to their lack of skills wasting money, time, and perfectly good materials.
The cabinet Bobby built was yet another fine example of crapsmanship.
by David, FatrCat September 22, 2008
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Ag•rif•fi•ti \ag-ruh-fee-tee\, noun, collectively refers to all man-made text, design, scene, image or other artistic expression or communication which has been purposely created, often on a very large scale, by the trampling, mowing, or other selective shaping action upon rooted vegetation, esp. farm crops, e.g. a wheat field. If done on property other than your own, or without permission or maliciously, this is generally illegal and the "artist" may be charged with 'aggravated agriffiti'. While this practice has become a popular 'trend', agriffiti has been found dating back as far as 400 A.D. Of importance, agriffiti should not be confused with similar instances found to have no explanation or thought to have been created by alien visitation; these are most often of a separate categorization called 'uforigami'. Both are usually best viewed from a high altitude, and frequent flyers crossing the mid-western plains of the USA are often witness to the spectacle.
As my N.Y. to L.A. flight was crossing over the plains of Kansas, our pilot made the curious announcement that passengers looking out the left side of the plane could wave to Dorothy and Toto, while passengers on the right could get a glimpse of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara; sure enough when I leaned to my window, there they were.... some movie buff had obviously gone to great trouble and effort creating two eighty-acre agriffiti scenes in the wheat fields below.
by David, FatrCat December 06, 2012
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