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Sheep Syndrome, refers to the oblivious and ignorant mind set of either and individual or a populace with in a society, where people support a movement or ideology which is potentially dangerous and harmful not only to the well being and safety of them selves and their families, but also to their country and community. Very much like that of a sheep when being marched to the slaughter house, it is totally unaware of the danger looming over its head. Sheep syndrome can be the peoples adherence to either radical extremist religious or political ideology.
Religious - Sheep Syndrome, was the cause for the Jonestown Cult Massacre ( Mass suicide ) on November 18, 1978

Political - Sheep Syndrome, was the cause for the German people electing Adolf Hitler as German chancellor on January 1933
by Darius Radmanesh August 04, 2014

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Subversive Desensitization, Refers to a process which covertly alters or changes a persons mind set, consequently transforming his or her perception of reality with regards to either Social, political or religious matters. Whereby rendering a person incapable of understanding or viewing a situation presented before them in a clear and rational manner.
Subversive Desensitization, is the ability for radical extremists either religious or political, in being able to deceive or manipulate the populace in submitting to there extremist ideology or doctrine. With out a person seeing or understanding its serious and potentially dangerous implications or consequences.
by Darius Radmanesh March 06, 2014

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etopia, refers to a socially idealistic society, void of any form of authoritative governing body political, religious or economical. The economical system practiced in etopia is the free idéaliste-équilibré economy. which is the opposite to that of Sir Thomas mores Utopia. Mores utopia, makes reference to a society governed by a highly centralized and authoritative state institution, with a strong state welfare system. It also advocates the sinister practise of slavery, and is a highly materialistic and excessive society. Whereas etopia, in contrast has no state sanctioned welfare system in place and is fiercely opposed to the immoral practise of slavery.
No such society as etopia, yet exists. However, with the proper astute, education and the implementing of the proper and necessary measures in to place, the etopian idealistic society can very well become a reality.
by Darius Radmanesh May 16, 2016

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Is a person who consumes meat, however refrains from consume the meat of those animals which display signs of possessing emotions such as:

intelligence, joy, tenderness, care and sadness
" one who refrains from eating the meat of Sheep, Rabbits, Pigs, GuneaPigs, Cows, Dolphins and Whales etc. is a carnivegrian".

Those animals which a carnivegrian perceived as proper for consumption are:

"Chicken and all other forms of birds which hold chicken like mental attributes, also all forms of fish".
by Darius Radmanesh October 20, 2016

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commonism, is an idealology which in contrast to the ideology of Communism, which is an economical entity controlled by the economical elite, and is a Socialist entailment. Instead makes reference to a social order, whereby the mentioned institutions are in direct control of the common man citizen body within a society and not the corporate economical and political elite. The social order in question is comprised exclusively of all citizens within a society, who are not members of the economical or political elite ( The Establishment elite ), the average and ordinary common citizen body.
commonism, is the solution for the combating of political and economical elitism, and consequently, the alleviating and curtailing of corruption and greed from within the economical and political fabric of a society.
by Darius Radmanesh June 27, 2016

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Social Capitalism makes reference to a highly collective, planed and centralised economical system whereby although contrast to Socialist economies..The ownership of private wealth and property are not prohibited....The value and worth however of ones labor, produce and property are determined not by the laborer owner of a property Commercial or noncommercial and the producer of goods..But rather these are entirely subject to regulative, predetermined and pre established values, Worth and measures sanctioned or approved by a highly centralised state authority. Social Capitalism, is effectively the middle stage of the transitional process when a Laissez-faire free market economy is transformed in to a Capitalist or Corporate economy.
Social Capitalism, reflects upon the transition of Americas early Laissez-faire free market economy in to a highly centralised planed economy, subject to the regulative and control of a centeralised and powerful state authority.
by Darius Radmanesh January 14, 2016

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Subversive Measures - Refers to certain tactics or methods which are implemented or carried out either overtly or covertly or both so to achieve a political objective or intent. Such measures are no limited explicitly to political application only, but rather they can also be applied in a Social context and can be an important tool or element of Social engineering.
Subversive Measures, can be compared with the overt and covert methods utilised during the former Soviet Union in relation with implementing Censorship, a process which had been used in both political and social capacities and had been contrived by Leon Trotsky ( Preventative Censorship) and was enforced by the Glavlit agency.
by Darius Radmanesh February 06, 2015

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