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A Candy Kid is a Raver with such a positive vibe that he/she feel she needs to turn himself or herself inside out and wear this vibe. A Candy Kid is not a Candy Kid because of what he/she wears. A Candy Kid is a Candy Kid
because of what's inside. There is a huge amount of positive energy inside and usually the Candy Kid will not give a damn who is watching him/her and will run around the rave like he/she owns it or knows everybody there. There are ravers who are true Candy Kids, yet do not dress the part.

Not all Candy Kids do drugs. Like any other raver, drug usage varies from Kid to Kid. Some Candy Kids come to be high on the music alone.

Believe it or not, Candy Kids are not all gay, straight, or bi. The majority aren't anything at all. They just are themselves.
What most candy kids dress like...For the most part...

The Candy Kid's attire varies greatly from Kid to Kid. Some prefer the LA style faux fur pants.
Faux fur is a synthetic fur fabric made from polyester. The fur comes in various colors, lengths.
The whole pair of pants is made from the faux fur. There may be a stripe or many stripes of a
contrasting fur material going down the side of the leg. Some may choose to take already store
bought jeans and sew in inserts on the sides of the leg. The insert patterns rage from 60's-80's
cartoon characters (smurfs,he-man,snorks,care bears,rainbow brite,get a long gang, star wars,scooby-doo)
to todays modern characters (sesame street, winnie the pooh, arthur, toy story, teenage mutant
ninja turtles, power rangers). Sometimes the inserts will consist of faux fur as well. As well as clothes,
the Candy Kid will have in a huge ammount of floursecent plastic bead necklaces and braclets which are
called, "candy jewlery". The beads are bought at craft strores or toy stores. Some Candy Kids
purchase huge plastic blocks, balls, or links to use as a wallet chain. The Candy Kid also wears a kid's
by Danny Price October 24, 2005
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