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this is a even higher version of omg

as the omg chain goes

omg - omg x2 - mass omgage - maximum omgage

it is the second highest level of omg that can be achieved

this can be said to refer to anything genraly
like you could say mass omgage if you agree with something
or chaps you can say mass omgage when you disagree with something for example:mass omgage thats not true i dont do that with chefs
by Daniel burge April 04, 2008

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this is omg on a higher level chaps

its far great than omg
it mean o my god age
and is used in very devestating or funny situation chaps that deserve more than just a omg

dont use gods name in vain they say ..well this takes it to a new level o my godage

its greater because it reffers to an age of omg something that should last forever or be rembered ask philll

in conversation: this shoe rapist is omgage

in an exciting moment : woo that chap fell off his flat thats quiet abit of omgage

in a drug raid: wooo i like opium this is even more omgage than valium

in a dire situation: thats a lot of omgage she sunk my

and so on ! :D

refer to omg

the next chain in omg is mass omgage :D and renember .. see a random english man give him your liver :D
by Daniel burge April 04, 2008

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