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A sacred place on the internet. Home to soldiers that fought bravely in the Great Meme War and trigger the legacy media to insanity.
"Hey you wanna go on /pol/ and make some dank memes?
by Danžak July 25, 2018

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Remember the anchovies from the first episode of Spongebob? Yeah those are basically Chinese Tourists.
Chinese Tourists are a result of the degreation of traditional Chinese values.
by Danžak July 27, 2018

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Fake. News.
"Hillary Clinton would've won the election if it wasn't for those meddling Russian hackers!" - CNN
by Danžak August 21, 2018

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That rapper whom all the edgy, weird skateboard beanie-type hipsters get wet over.
*plays Tyler the Creator*
Edgy weird skateboard beanie type hipsters: REAL SHIT!
via giphy
by Danžak November 18, 2018

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That guy with the funny mustache. He also didn't like the Jews for some reason.
Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany
by Danžak September 03, 2018

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The National Anthem of the Columbiner people. Usually played with a montage of clips consisting of their founders Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.
Normal Person: *plays Pumped up Kicks*
Columbiner: Pumped up Kicks? Are you a fellow Columbiner? Omg we have so much in common! Wanna see my erotica of Dylan and Eric?
Normal Person: *stares blankly at Columber* I'm gonna call the police on you.
by Danžak September 03, 2018

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A fat Japanese-Australian man who makes decent lofi/alternative R&B/trip hop music. He was formerly the undisputed emperor of memes a couple years back, but gave up that title due to health concerns and a lack of enjoyment.
"can sume0ne gibe mi da pussi plz" - Joji through Pink Guy, a character he made up.
by Danžak January 27, 2019

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