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Shorthand for the saying, " Damn, that's damn hot." Originated in the streets of Dana Point, this slur is used in a myriad of ways. Originally used as code in classrooms and in front of parents, so that one would not be punished for their language. If you hear someone say this, then be their friend.
You're with your buddy walking the streets and a smoking hot milf walks by.

Buddy: Damn
You: dtdh
Milf: Lol, thanks guys <3

You order a coffee, take a sip and burn the inside of your mouth a little bit.
You: DTDH!
Barista: I'm sorry, sir. I should have told you.
You: Shut up, ho

Mom: Honey, I made macaroni tonight!
You: dtdh. Mom, you're the best

Your friend is getting some in the hot tub.

You: dtdh
Friend: dtdh
by Damn, im sexy August 23, 2009
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