4 definitions by DR.TYMBK4L

A thottie, harlot, skeezer, ho, anything demeaning to prostitutes.
Yo i saw those treeshes over on that corner, heard they done fucked the block.
by DR.TYMBK4L June 10, 2019
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Borrowing someone’s money so much and not returning it back. Milking a nigga out his money.
Person 1: Yo bro, u out to the club wit me?
Person 2: Jaquan still ain’t pay me back the 100 dollars I gave him in total, the nigga suck me dry no homo.
Person 1: nah fam, I got u, you ain’t gotta pay me back even if u got it on you. I kno ya situation.
Person 2: I appreciate that shit fam, I’m definitely paying u back my nigga. I’m not like dem other niggas.
by DR.TYMBK4L August 29, 2021
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Giving Head, used in the chorus of Oochie Wally By Nas, and Bravehearts.
“He really taught me how to work my body
He really taught me how to go down south
- Shelene Thomas
by DR.TYMBK4L June 4, 2021
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NYC Slang Someone who is known for giving head on the block. A treesh, smut, thot, whore etc. Popularized by Instagram Comedian, JCalDoesIt.
Person 1: Thats why your jordan’s look fake, thats not real off-white nigga

Person 2: Oh yeah, thats why yo moms a bopinator, she sucked the ocks for a free chop cheese sandwich wit an Arizona bottle.

Everybody in the lunch table: Ohhhhhhhh
by DR.TYMBK4L June 24, 2022
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