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DOS is an Ancient name handed down to young men who possessed the mind of a scholar and the skills of a warrior.

It was the name of a god, handed down to a man who embodied all the attributes considered god like. Strength. Charisma. Magnificence.

As a man, DOS roamed the earth doing good deeds, pleasuring women, slaying demons and beasts, teaching those who wanted to learn and allowing the people to bask in his majesty.

In the present day, very few men are afforded the honour of bearing such a name. When such a man is found worthy, it is betrothed upon him with grand festivity as this man’s entire life has seen him proving himself day after day in the most glorious of ways.

DOS must be spelt in capitals, as each letter is as important as the one that preceeded it
He spoke to them in the way you would expect a DOS to.

His performance was so good i think he is a DOS.

He used his body in a DOS-like way.
by DOS wannabe July 02, 2009
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