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Too Tired To Think
also called the quadruple t by weirdos..
What you say when its 1 AM and some random kid from your math class is asking you on AIM if you know the answer for number 54.

LameLover4evr: Hey!! Okay, im doing math since i was a bat in my other life so i'm nocturnal, and uhm, do you know how to do number 54?
AngelLovesYou123: idk, 2t2t, srry
LameLover4evr: But...
AngelLovesYou123: i told you! im 2t2t!
LameLover4evr: Ohhh, the quarduple t... bummer...
AngelLovesYou123: Stfu dude.
by DJ Jewel January 22, 2008

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