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No, not the Academy, the town: Deerfield, IL. A Major contributor to the North Shore of Chicago known for its rich bitch snobs, preppy McPrepsters, totally pimped out mom-mobiles, and depressed fathers who work to hard for their own good only to find their hard earned money is carelessly dispensed on uneeded accsessories. Deerfield High School is the zoo in which all of this revolves. Although, among the typical North Shore population there is the infamous Dark Side made up of ghostly pale kids dressed in black with hair the color of a rainbow. At least they know the truth.
That little deerfieldian girl owns a juicy jumpsuit, something from Tiffany's, and birkenstock clogs, and she can't even walk yet! I CANT WAIT FOR HER BAT MITZVAH!
by D- town September 05, 2005

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