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White dick / american dick / european dick is the tiny organ that is attached to the white man which is approximately the size of a baby carrot.

Not all white dick is small, but most small dicks are white, which is true in predominantly white countries such as the usa, britain, france, cananda, australia, etc.

The average dick size in Africa, Asia, Middle East is roughly 5-6 inches, whereas the average dick size in white countries are 2-3 inches if lucky.
American John: I hate black guys, their dicks are so big.
American Joe: I feel you, my wife left me for a black guy.
White woman: You retards, it's not that they have big dicks, it's that you guys have extremely tinyass dicks.
American John: You shut up your mouh! go back to the kitchen!
White woman: Haha loser, go play with your little white dick.
by CumAtMeHoe June 22, 2012
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