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Rosie is a sweet beautiful girl. She is serious and loving. She has hair that will trap you in its curls, eyes like an angel and the most beautiful smile you've ever seen. If Rosie smiles at you then you will fall in love and your heart will be crushed because her love belongs to someone else.
I met my Rosie last night. Now she is all I think of but she won't text me back.
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by Culo Blanco June 14, 2018

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Spanish erotica. A nina will often call out Maknee if she is making love to the man of her dreams and he is making her feel amazing.
We were out late banging in the front seat of my truck. She started to moan and call out Maknee, Maknee. I didn't realize her knee was hitting against the door.
by Culo Blanco June 07, 2018

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To pretend that you are something or someone that you really aren't in an online environment where you are able to participate anonymously. Could be used in a chat room, a dating website, through text messaging, e-mail or in online games.
Dude did you hear Fred was talking to a MILF last night while we were playing COD?

Ya I heard. That was no MILF, it was me LMAO!

Hahahaha. You were totally playing e-pretend.
by Culo Blanco December 03, 2018

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A Mexican Triangle is a when you don't have the time, energy or motivation for a shower or to bath so instead you freshen up by first cleaning your armpits followed by cleaning your genitals. Moving from one pit to the other then ending at the genitals forms the shape of a triangle.
Jackie: Hurry we'll be late!

Ricky: I can't go like this I just got in from work and I reek.

Jackie: Just take a Mexican Triangle and let's get out of here.

Ricky: Yes! Genius!
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by Culo Blanco December 02, 2018

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When a man ejaculates on his own chest.
My girlfriend was straddling my cock and pulled it out of her pussy just as I came. It shot all over my chest, gave me cummy shirt.
by Culo Blanco July 12, 2018

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When a woman stuffs her panties full of Doritos (while wearing) so her man can eat them out of her underwear.
Last night I was hungry during sex so my girlfriend made me a Doritos taco. It was great and tickled her lots while I pulled them out with my tongue but our sheets are ruined.
by Culo Blanco June 14, 2018

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The idea that in western culture to wear something sexy like lace or a thong is for a special occasion or to please or entice a lover and not just part of every day attire that makes you feel sexy.
White trash: Today is Escosio's birthday so I'm surprising him with something sexy that I will wear for him tonight.
Latina: Bitch! That's Granny panty culture.
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by Culo Blanco November 13, 2018

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