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When someone sleeps with a lot of people in their head but it never happens in real life.
"Susan just said she wanted to blow the bartender and peg our waiter but she hasn't even talked to either of them."

"I know, she's being a real Imaginary Whore."
by CrazyandIknowit May 27, 2020
When you cum too early or by accident. This can also apply to orgasms with people you regret sleeping with.
"Dude, I was itching my dick and I accidentally came."

"An oopsgasm."
by CrazyandIknowit May 27, 2020
Girlboss (verb) to make something or someone appear as a feminist idol or inspiration for profit, despite the numerous flaws of the person.
"Have you seen the new Cruella De Ville trailer?"
"Yeah. They totally girlbossed her. As if she's a villain because she's a girl, not because she tried to make a coat out of puppies."
by CrazyandIknowit March 18, 2021
someone who is lauded by themselves or others as a feminist icon, despite not typifying feminism in many ways or sometimes being unpleasant and unethical in a way that is antithetical to feminism
"do you think margaret thatcher was a girlboss?"
"yes, of course."
"do you think she effectively utilised girlboss power by funnelling money into illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland?"
by CrazyandIknowit June 16, 2022
Girlboss (noun) someone who is lauded as being a feminist icon, despite the fact that they are actually extremely unpleasant or unfeminist.
"I can't believe Kamala Harris is the first female vice president."

"Yeah, she's a real girlboss."
by CrazyandIknowit March 18, 2021
Licking a tree and expecting syrup is a saying that means putting in a very little amount of work and effort but expecting the fruit of your labour to be much greater than.
"I listened to my girlfriend talk about her day, so now she'll have to let me do anal."

"You are licking a tree and expecting syrup, man."
by CrazyandIknowit March 30, 2021
When the consequence of a dumb action was entirely forseeable and results in dumb consequences.
A man raped a horse then the horse kicked him to death."

"*shrug* You play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
by CrazyandIknowit June 2, 2022