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A Street Gang in Santa Clarita Valley next to the San Fern Valley, with a total of 300 ppl but now as about 120 with less than half of them active. Beef's it with all local Gangs & Crews and for the local gang's it refers ro them as "crews". Showing no respect to every local gang which includes- MMS13, VVP13, CNS13, SSR13, BF13 cause their all bitches in their eyes (and they are). Newhall 13 has been around for a long time, with O.G. Clique's with them and young one's such as RKS but still have normal Cliques such as TLS. Young Members usualy were "NY" hats, shirts for "Newhall Youngsters".
"Their all crews and bitches in our eyes" - Criminal

"Newhall 13 is above evryone" Criminal
by Crazy One 661 August 07, 2006
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