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An American hardcore Rock band which too many emo posers listen too.

People, mostly posers usually think that since they listen to BVB, they think they're automatically emo and cool. Little do they know that BVB is not an emo band anymore, it has become more commercial.

People think that listening to only Black Veil Brides makes them emo, but then they cannot list any other REAL EMO BANDS because they're so fucking retarted.
Popular kid in school: I'm emo because i listen to Black Veil Brides. I want to be just like Andy Sixx so i'm going to change my last name to Sixx so that i'm cool.

Me: Do you listen to BMTH? (Another more famous emo rock band)

Popular Kid: Whats that?
by CrashCarson July 25, 2011

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