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The privilege for an elitist to victimize, deceive, or gaslight others, while successfully playing the victim card.
*two friends watching a presidential debate*
Pete: Bernie wants to take away your healthcare

Bernie: “Unlike some of the campaigns up here, Pete, I don’t have 40 billionaires funding my campaign coming from the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street"
Pete: "I will not pursue politics by telling people they can’t be by our side"

Friend: Wow Pete really flexing his elite privilege tonight
by Copper Cab February 14, 2020
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Someone who has an obsession with Wawa coffee, products and merchandise.
Kristen: What do you want for your birthday?
David: anything wawa related
Kristen: you are such a wawa fanboy
by Copper Cab December 30, 2012
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Someone that was born before the digital world started.
These people tend to be Digital Immigrants Old People Seniors Senior Citizens really anyone that you wouldnt consider young like your parents.
by Copper Cab October 17, 2011
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