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A micronesian is a person from a subregion of Oceania (specificly Micronesia) and is characterized by their frappaccino skin colo and acrid breaths. They can also be found ALL over Hawaii and can be found working at McDonald's. Most are druggies and the rest just goes up to you and asks for $1 because they can't afford having a job OR they need it for drugs. Found spraying cheap 99 cent perfumes that cause global warming and reproduce like bacteria to get money from the government.
Guy#1: Dude, what did that smelly micronesian ask you?
Guy#2: Just the usual, "Ehhhh, you got dolla??"

Man#1: We should massacre the micronesians just like what the nazis did to them Jews!
Man#2: Duuude thats harsh, just deport them!
Man#1: Or we can do that....
Man#2: Totally!!
by Commander Whoo Haa January 10, 2008
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