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Dangerous individuals, they are maniacs and demented. Racist, elitist and insane. A virus like species capable of wide spread destruction and have a knack of causing world wide butthurt.

The PC itself is a religion among these people, a god like deity. The average PC Elitist will fight to the death to protect its mother, it's creator, it's god. The PC.

They are everywhere, watching your every movement, more dangerous than the delusional Wiitards, starting a war agaisnt the PC Elitist is ILL ADVISED. There have been many cases where the console class citizens have sold their PC's out of pure butthurt.

No-one knows where they came from but there are millions of them and they are spreading. They have the attributes of a virus and continue to spread, even to this very day. Some say they existed way before the dawn of man. Who knows? Maybe your a PC Elitist?
PC Elitist 1: All hail the mighty PC, grant us access into to a new world of paradise!

PC Elitist 2: Our mother PC will protect us from the lower class gaming citizens, the consoles!

Ps3 user: PC sucks, so does the Xbox and Wii, the cell will rage a holy war agaisnt your foul people!

Xbox user: Cell sucks, pc suck, Wii blows and Xbox has Halo! All hail Halo!

Elitist 1 and 2: Purge them! Wipe them from the face of the planet! Remove their foul stench from this universe! Destroy them!
by Club Blue January 03, 2011

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A creature that dwells from the depths of Microsoft studios, these creatures are mass produced and then sent to work on forums, protecting mother Microsoft at all costs in pointless forums and creating flamewars with anyone that dares to insult Microsoft in anyway.

There have been cases where one Xbot can clone itself into multiple users in exactly one nanosecond to defend mother Microsoft from petty verbal abuse.
User 1: Hey Microsoft scammed!
Xbot: You will be exterminate, exterminate! *clones*
Xbot 1: Exterminate, exterminate!
Xbot 2: Exterminate, exterminate!
Xbot 3: Exterminate, exterminate!
Xbot 4: Exterminate, exterminate!
User 1: Aaaaah! There is too many of them!
by Club Blue December 26, 2010

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A unknown species that dwell from the hidden depths of Sony. These beasts, commonly known as 'Playslaves' are delusional psychopaths. Almost barbaric in nature, they will storm forums, raid gaming websites and rape the internet while shouting battle cries of their main rival, Microsoft while grooming their proudest purchase ever. The Play Station 3, insulting this magnificent piece of Engineering is considered a crime agaisnt Humanity.

Everywhere you go, you can guarantee that a Playslave is watching you. Watch out, stay alert and keep aware for the real friendly gamer. That is a sign of they Sony mark.
User 1: Hey guys, nice day! Just you know, playing my Playsation 3, donating money to charity, helping homeless people ect etc.
User 2: Playstations suck man, get a Wii or a Xbox 360.
User 2: Holy shit, he is a Playslave, run for your lives!
User 1 starts to insult everyones mother and complaining how gaming websites are all Xbots.
by Club Blue January 03, 2011

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