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That one game that needs to die. It is so overrated. I admit, I played it, but they are making worse crap by the minute. It has been taken over by 8 year olds playing on their mom’s computer.
Guy 1- You wanna play Fortnite.
Guy 2- No, that game has been taken over by little kids, go play some Rainbow.
by ChrisTooLit October 02, 2018

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That one site where all soccer moms refer to for movies, video games, shows and even music. It makes me mad the soccer moms do crap like this. It’s the reason most 10 year olds can’t play Splatoon. This website doesn’t use common sense. Obviously, you wouldn’t let your 6 year old kid play GTA V, but you could consider for a 14 year old. This website is pure crap.
Mom- “Oh, little Timmy wants to play GTA V, let me check if it’s appropriate on Common Sense Media. Oh my god, no you can’t play that in my Christian house.”
Little Timmy- “Dammit mom I’m 17.”
by ChrisTooLit October 02, 2018

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When October 1st strikes, it is spookytime. Absolutely no Christmas or Thanksgiving things. Only spooky scary skeletons and shivers down your spine. As soon as November 1st comes, spookytime is over and you can wear Santa hats.
Guy 1- It’s Spookytime finally.
Guy 2- Hell yeah.
Guy 1- Do you wanna beat up the guy who’s wearing the Santa hat?
Guy 2- Yeah lets go
Santa hat guy- Oof, ouch, guys stop
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by ChrisTooLit October 14, 2018

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The study of memes. May actually be in some universities. It is not what you think. They study more of ideas and trends than they do studying literal memes.
Guy 1- Did you here that David is studied memeology and graduated.
Guy 2- I bet he did it because he thought he would get to look at memes. What an idiot.
by ChrisTooLit October 03, 2018

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A bunch of little pervert children wanting to see a naked person. They are always on their iPad, or their mom’s computer playing coolmathgames and if they have a console, Lego Jurassic World. They think they are cool and everything because they aren’t the youngest anymore, but they don’t realize that they are not the oldest.
Those 3rd graders are so annoying, they need to stop talking about naked people.
by ChrisTooLit November 04, 2018

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Best Friend Joel is godlike. He’s probably everybody’s best friend, and his name is probably Joel. He is most likely a musician and is in to stickers.
Dude: Guys, Best Friend Joel is coming, bow down.
Everybody bows down
by ChrisTooLit November 06, 2018

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That one song that became popular within minutes after Bethesda used it to tease Fallout 76.
Country roads, take me home,
To the place, where I belooooooong,
*deep inhale* WEST VIRGINIA! Mountain Mama
Take me home, country roads.
by ChrisTooLit November 25, 2018

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