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One of modern day psychedelic rock's most influential song writer's. He started the band named "The Brian Jonestown Massacre". He also likes drugs.
That Anton Newcombe sure is a drug fiend........but I must say, his music is rather awesome.
by chris norman July 25, 2007
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- my only friend. (apart from empty ones)
- if it weren't for mixbowls, i would have nowhere to conventionally store my mix.
Mixbowl's make the world go around...(and sideways)
by Chris Norman March 29, 2006
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1 - Ripping the final cone from a mix in which you didn't financially contribute towards.
2 - An empty mixbowl of any sort.
3 - Splashback whilst ripping a cone.
4 - Devouring all of the munchies which you didn't pay for (Redskins in particular)
5 - To sell me kiff, trying to pass it off as bud.
Connie - *bubble* *gurgle* *rip......rip...* *RIP*

Me - Oi, Connie polished off the last cone of MY mix, man......mother fuckin' dead set DOG ACT!
by Chris Norman March 29, 2006
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