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A sexploitation site for young punk and gothic women run by jewish perverts. Otherwise known as "Naive Girls" or "Lemming Girls". Think Playboy with different hair and makeup. Over 800 young women were tricked into stripping off their clothes and dignity for this vile, sleazy and depressing site. Predictably, Suicide Girls never did make selling your body to a grubbing middle eastern pervert cool, although true to form, not enough of the ex SG models are empowered enough to warn younger girls of the flattering hand of sexual exploitation in their blogs and myspace profiles.

Hundreds of models left the site after being exploited by the site's owners. The lack of empathy toward the models was a shock for some of the clueless wonders, who after all had agreed to strip off for a site which literally translates to "Fucking Kill Yourself Girls" .
1) Naive young woman: "I'm going to be a Suicide Girl, make Rolling Stone, marry a rock star"

2) SuicideGirls: "Here's your $150, get your tits out and get out of my face."

3) Pictures end up used on hardcore porn sites years later.
by Chris White50 January 10, 2008
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