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Although not technically the correct term for a student at Deerfield Academy, it has become accepted as such. It is a student whose superior education has taught him how to speak English correctly unlike the morons who attend their worthless school in Wallingford,CT. The community college bound Choate students might be more successful in their jibes if they could use this rather simple language well enough to formulate coherent sentences. For instance, the example given below is a direct quote from a Choatie. Perhaps if you were not such a miserable life form you could have made that sentence grammatically correct. In response to Deerfield girls' size, I hope all of you at Choate understand that having 90% of the female population being bulimic is a bad thing. Although in essence it could be good for society, because it is much more difficult for those who have had eating disorders to procreate.
Choatie: a Deerfieldian is "A group of students attending Deerfield Academy with the same intelliegence compared with their ancestoral roots the Neanderthals"
by Choaties are worthless May 08, 2005
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