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A concoction of leftovers found in a black person's fridge used to make a stew.
"Hey Rastus, you gonna clean out your fridge tonight and make a pot of your jigaboo stew?"
by Chili2 September 25, 2015

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A wooden or similar material stick used to help coax an oversize turd down a portable toilet.
"Hey Johnny! If your turd won't flush, use the cut'm in two stick hanging on the wall to prod it down!"
by Chili2 December 03, 2015

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A term used to describe a skank after a weekend-long orgy.
After a long weekend with the boys, Tina is now fondly refered to as "Pecker-Meat Stew".
by Chili2 December 03, 2015

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A pot of water kept on a wood burning stove to humidify the dry winter air.
"Hey James, what you got boiling in your scum pot?"
by Chili2 November 09, 2015

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Your non-typical male pervert who stands on a street corner only wearing a raincoat.
"Hey Misty, did you see that gunslinger over on the corner of 47th Street this morning?"
by Chili2 September 25, 2015

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We're talking a really big ass -one that "won't" quit.
Marvin: "Wow! Look at Bertha's ass!"
Freta: "Oh my Lord! It's huge! Bertha has an ass that won't quit!"
by Chili2 July 31, 2016

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The future of television, where scent enhances your maximum viewing pleasure.
After watching Blazing Saddles on his new fangled smellavision, Rastas had a hard time distinguishing his aromatic farts from those of Cleevon Little.
by Chili2 October 28, 2015

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