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A common misconception about Juggalos is that there fans of ICP (Insane Clown Posse a Detroit rap band). Most Juggalos like ICP but liking ICP dosen't make you a Juggalo. Being a Juggal is a lifestlye a way to live your life that most people are born like. Being a Juggalo means not judging others based on how they look, there skin, or the way they live there life because throughout are differences we are all the same. Juggalos embrace that in certain ways and don't care what other people consider there views to be. They believe what they feel is right and dont care if other people disagree. Usually Juggalos also believe in something called "The Dark Carnival" which in many ways is considered like a heaven or god-like thing. It also is a place for Juggalos and Juggalettes to hang out and not be judged. A Juggalette often nicknamed a Lette is a female version of a Juggalo. Juggalos and Lettes love other Juggalos and Lettes as if there family even if they have a beef with them.
Jake:did you hear that one guy over there is a Juggalo?
Bob:he is, how do you know?
Jake:he listens to ICP and has a hatchet man shirt!
Bob:that dosen't mean he's a Juggalo!
by Chief Cooper May 01, 2006

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