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A horrible mad corny rapper who thinks she is really tight, but is not. Her rhymes are mad corny, but gets spins because of payola and riding Lil Wayne's coattails. She claims she's the best rapper out, but that is a default win seein how there have been no new rap female artists on the scene since Eve, and that was almost a decade ago. Her weave is toe up and her wigs be lopsided and raggedy as fuck. News flash: there is nothing Barbie-esque about NIcki Minaj and she is NOT ASIAN! She is also the queen of plastic surgery. Her veneers are too big for her mouth and her giant butt injections are a sexual fantasy for men who will never buy her album.
Duke Ellington: Why did Nicki Minaj wake me up out the grave with this mookish ass coonery? Frederick Douglass: Ay dog. Her elementary ass rhymes nearly took our progress as a people back to having sit ins and non-violent protest. Random Idiot Nicki Fan: Yeeeeeeah, well I luh her. Her ass is so fat. Me: Can You Name One of Her Songs? Did you buy her album? Random Idiot Nicki Fan: Well, naw. Malcom X: Non Violent? I don't play that shit. Me: Neither should black radio or anybody with a collegiate degree.
by Chezppodle! November 28, 2010
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