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Retarded Sikh Punjabi guy who likes to get busy with his dream girl and thinks he is spanish. Perverted in the way which he serves customers at dunkin dounuts while looking down their shirts and telling another crew member about how big their boobs are. He loves tacobell and loves saying "Don't forget the hot sauce".
Ron Singh Quotes:

"Yo bro, did you see that girl? Big boobs, I wanna fuck her!"

"Yo bro, wanna drive me to the train station?"

"Yo dude, wanna get tacobell for me"

"Don't forget the hot sause"

"Yo, How do you spell siblings? That's to have brothers and sisters? Right?"

"Fa-vor-ih-tes (Favorites)"
by Chewy (Dunkin' Dounuts) May 29, 2012
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