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Two Newcastles, a banana, a hand full of peanuts and a nugget.
Dude, I went home at noon to write a check for rent and I ended up having lunch.
by Chester Peppercorn July 25, 2008
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A place where, if you take your girlfriend or date late in the evening to buy some porn, you will encounter a creepy older dude with a bad attitude that reeks of bologna. He usually doesn't talk much and acts totally pissed off and surly toward any and everyone. This cat really needs to be punched in the glasses!
"Yo". "Ever been to North Campus Video?" "Ima punch that bologna smelling, creppy dude in the glasses!"
by Chester Peppercorn April 09, 2008
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A one hundred pound anorexic woman.
Dude, have you ever hung out with Kim? I was with her all weekend and all I saw her eat was a pack of crackers. ...Which she puked up about twenty minutes later. I think she is a craker puker.
by Chester Peppercorn July 24, 2008
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Those dirty f-ing hippies that drum in a drum circle.
"Go beat it in the damn forest smurfs!"
by Chester Peppercorn March 03, 2008
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