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one of the funniest south park characters, mostly because he's exactly like all Health education teachers ever. he goes in circles about how drugs and drinking is bad, along with sex education, without explaining anything, because he has no idea. It's hilarious to watch, especially if you're in a health class currently, and can make the comparison
Mr. mackey on drugs:
"drugs are bad, m'kay, so, if you do drugs, you're bad, m'kay, because drugs are bad. they can hurt your body, m'kay, cause drugs are bad, m'kay...

Mr. mackey, on sex education:
"So then the man puts his penis... he puts his penis..."
*kyle* "haven't you ever had sex before?"
"of course i have, it's just been a while. lets see, i'm pretty sure he puts his penis... dang it, where did i put that thing???"
by Chef aid April 16, 2007

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A type of chocolate candy cooked by Chef on south park (played be r&b singer Isaac hayes). the name leads to many double entendras on the show, making it a recurring gag during the episode "chef's chocolate salty balls", as well as appearing on the CD "chef aid: the south park album"
*song chef sings while selling his candy

hey everybody have you seen my balls?
they're big and salty and brown
if you ever need a quck pick me up
just stick my balls in your mouth

ooo, suck on my chocolate salty balls
put em in your mouth,
put em in your mouth and suck em and suck em
by Chef aid April 16, 2007

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