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A term screamed by far left sheltered liberals when they hear a white person say something that might offend someone that isn't a straight white male. You will have this term screamed at you if say anything offensive to the LGBT, blacks, or any other kind of person thats not white, straight or male.

The term is stupid because while these hippie liberals think these minor social problems are big in America and that those affected by them have their lives ruined by any kind of "hatred" here, they think therefor the same social issues are a big deal for the rest of the world, but they forget that places like Somalia exist, where you will be murdered just for being alive, let alone being white or gay.
Did you see that dyke yelling "Check your privilege" to that white guy over there?

Why was she yelling at him?

Some black lady with an enormous ass walked by and he checked her out. Apparently this is degrading and holds bootylicious black women back from succeeding in life like he has.

How does she know hes had a successful life?

She knows because hes white.
by Cheezoncrack July 28, 2013

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