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An amazing bad, System of a down are metal, but to all the jackass's out there who say they are crap... your fucking wrong, as the stuff they sing about adress's the world's problems. Daron Malakian is one of the best guitarist of his time, Serj Tankian is an amazing singer, Shavo Odadjian is a slick bass player, and John Dolmayan is a skillful drummer. One of the best bands on the planet, they are just freaking amazing in every sense of the world. Owning three of their albums, I have listened to them enought to know they are amazing. The band's type of music is generally alternative metal/rock, thugh they have turned their genre into an amazing style. So to all the System fans out there, though System arn't the best, they are ONE of the best, and I sault you. To everyone who is a fan of metal and hasn't tried them, you'll love them, and if your a dumbass who thinks they scream/shout and can't sing, then do yourself a favour: get a life.
if you like System Of A Down, but are new to them, a great Album to start with is Toxicity - not only a great album, it has some of the best songs ever made on it
by Charlie/Josh June 02, 2006

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