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When you create new layers of abstraction between the thing or event, you are becoming more meta.

For example: A footnote that is needed to explain another footnote is meta.

The problem with being meta is that if you add sufficient layers of abstraction or complexity between the original event and the convenient abstractions you create to clarify or explain it, you eventually lose all connection to the original. Generally, you need no more than two or three levels in writing.

Too much meta in your writing leads to meta fog.

In writing, this means your writing sucks.
Man, I need notes to explain the notes to my notes for my thesis!" - "That's very meta. Perhaps you should rewrite it?
by Charles Hoffmann August 29, 2010
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A person who is causing you trouble or bother, especially in an odd, reality-disrupting way, is glitching your matrix.

It can also be used as a curse/cry for help to an unseen, unresponsive deity for people undergoing philipkdickian existential crises.
"Fuck off, you're glitching my matrix." or "Stop glitching my matrix, God."
by Charles Hoffmann August 27, 2010
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