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A fucking chickenhawk, who dodged Vietnam thanks to his senator daddy, who along with President Moron (another chickenhawk) thought he knew enough about war to send many, many of our troops to their untimely, unjustified deaths.
1) Ever heard CCR's "Fortunate Son"? Well, I'm almost certain the band was referring to Bush and Cheney, both of whom dodged the Vietnam War thanks to their rich, politician daddies.

2) What ever happened to Dick Cheney, man? He's been like MIA this last few months. Guess the republicans figured he was a very bad influence, and perhaps more hated by AMericans than Bush, and could be a liability for McCain's campaign that they asked him to hide.
by Chad VanderGriff April 23, 2008

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Sexiest woman in the whole fucking universe. Perfect face, fantastic bangable body, awesome eyes.... dude this chick could pee all over my chest cause I bet she pees Dom Perignon.
Give me Carmen Electra over Angelina-Overrated-Jolie anyday.
by Chad VanderGriff April 22, 2008

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