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A week-long experience for PA, MD, NJ and parts of NY graduating seniors of high school (sometimes the failures tag along for the ride). The week is normally in the month of june. Usually consists of renting from the dirtiest run-down houses to up-scale condos for a week in NJ, DE, or MD beaches. The week consists of straight binge drinking of all different kinds of alcohol from Natty and Guinness to Vladdy-Stoli, as well as consuming (in various ways) cannabis. Random hookups criminal behavior, and disregard for anything and everything are simply unavoidable during this week. From the minute senior week starts, so does the loss of brain cells. Wake up with a shot and go to bed with a bowl and a brew. Wake up the next day and do it all again but better.

Some seniors end up doing a senior summer which is senior week but lasts the whole summer.

After Freshman year of college, the former seniors loved the week so much that they end up revisiting the beaches for round two or even three or four the following years.
Person1: Hey where are you going for senior week?

Person2: I'm going down to Wildwood in june.

Person1: Aw damn man, senior week is going to be extreme!
by Chad Reily April 29, 2009
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